Review of LG G4 Mobile Phone

This time last year we did a review of the LG G3 smartphone and let everybody how good it was. It certainly was high on the wow factor. Now with the new LG G4 we are about to do more of the same.

A Stylish Design

The G4 looks like a fractionally longer and wider version of the G3, which in affect is exactly what it is. It features a 5.5 inch screen, that occupies the entire front of the phone up to the tapered edges. To allow for this the buttons are at the rear of the phone.

The rear of the G4 is where you will find its one unique feature, a real leather back. There is the option of black, brown, and also red leather or a more traditional metallic look plastic back. Yet the leather back appears a lot more stylish.

The screen is almost as big as a phablet, yet the G4 is still slim and enough to be held in one hand without much difficulty to use it. The screen LG fitted into this model has a really high pixel definition and a bright display. It is the second best screen we have tested, only the Galaxy S6 is better, yes it is that good!

A change of processor

The G4 uses a different processor compared to its predecessor, in the shape of the Snapdragon 808. Normally that is not the type of processor used in smartphones. For the Snapdragon 808 is a hexa-core processor instead of a octa-core one. If it was not backed by a whopping 3 GB of RAM memory it would be slow. It is faster than the G3 yet could not keep pace with the latest Galaxy or HTC smartphones.

There is plenty of memory for this phone yet if 32 GB is not enough there is space to use a micro SD card.

Great Camera

The camera on the G3 was 13 megapixels and was capable of producing top quality pictures. Yet LG decided to fit an even better camera to the G4. The 16 megapixel camera takes outstanding pictures and can make short videos too.

LG upgraded the front camera as well, its 8 megapixels providing some of the best selfies to be found any where.


The G4 has all the connections you would expect from a smartphone, and it will not let you down.

Battery Life

The battery has larger capacity than most, LG claim it will give you 20 hours of talk time, which seems pretty accurate.


It is a great looking phone and has some excellent features, it might not be the fastest phone yet it represents great value for your money. See more good stuff over at my friends product reviews blog.